Buyer’s Guide: The Best Messenger Bags

Buyer’s Guide To Best Messenger Bags

While there are several kinds of bags available in the market, nothing is as versatile and trendy as the classic messenger bag. This bag has been a staple in men’s and women fashion for many years now and why wouldn’t it be?

Not only can you fit in all of your belongings and technological devices in one place but you can also appear fashionable by doing so. Messenger bags were originally used by bicycle couriers, hence the term “messenger.” The cross-body bag conveniently rests on the lower back while you are cycling, resulting in a comfortable ride.

Wearing Messenger Bag

With a messenger bag, riders have more freedom of motion on the road and are able to distribute the weight of their packages more comfortably. The bag’s unique design also makes it popular among new parents, students or business professionals who want to carry their belongings with them.

But the messenger is more than just a storage unit: it’s a style statement and can be worn practically anywhere. However, if you are unable to find the right design for yourself, this handy buying guide will provide you all the information you need in order to make the perfect investment.

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How To Wear A Messenger Bag

Cross body and messenger bags generally have a casual feel. They are a practical option when it comes to carrying your belongings in a hands-free manner. While the messenger bag greatly complements sportswear and casual clothes, it is important to pay attention to the size of the bag.

In simple words, the bag should not overwhelm your frame. So, if you are small and petite, ensure the bag isn’t too large or else it will appear odd.

How To Select Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are available in a variety of colors and sizes to match individual preferences. To ensure you are able to maximize your investment, it is integral you evaluate how often you will be using the bag and how much load you will be carrying. To help you make the right choice, here are a couple of important aspects you should consider:

Different Messenger Bags

Type Of Material

The type of material plays an important role in determining the price and durability of the product. At times, the type of material also helps denote the overall purpose and style of the messenger bag. Here are some of the most common materials you can choose from:


Classic leather messenger bags have been around for years. This is one of the oldest materials used for manufacturing bags and gives an elegant look. Above all, leather is highly durable and can last several years with proper maintenance. As it wears, the material becomes softer.

Scratches and small scuffs also help in adding personality to the bag, making it one of a kind. Leather messenger bags are better suited for formal events and gatherings. Opt for bag with chrome or brass fittings that give off a more professional look in the office. This type of bag also suits traditional styles as well.


If you want a sturdy, thick material that will keep all your belongings safe, canvas can be your friend. Also known as sailcloth, canvas is lightweight and durable enough to carry every day. Most canvas bags are enhanced or treated to improve water resistance. Similar to canvas shoes and sneakers, canvas bags have a casual feel.

Messenger Bag On Table

A canvas messenger is a good option for folks who want to look trendy with their favorite pair of jeans. Its economical price makes it a great choice for students on a limited budget. In fact, you can also get creative as plain canvas can easily be dyed or painted to make a fashion statement.


When it comes to manufacturing messenger bags, nylon is among the most popular materials out there. The synthetic material offers ample versatility whilst being durable. The sturdy material is often used for making seat belts and safety webbing since it is able to retain toughness. Additionally, rip-stop nylon is resistant to tearing and fraying.

Nylon offers a variety of looks and thus suits a number of styles. Fashion enthusiasts can easily find nylon messenger bags in a variety of bright colors and exciting shapes. The edgy hues make nylon a great option for casual and everyday use. Best of all, this material is less costly than others and it a great alternative to traditional materials, such as leather.


When it comes to purchasing a messenger bag, customers can choose from a number of materials, including rubber. Thanks to its waterproof and hardy nature, rubber is a popular option for messenger bags.

Men Rubber Messenger Bag

While the material is susceptible to damage in high heat, it is scratch resistant and is made using recycled materials, making it a great eco-friendly choice. Depending on its quality and styling, black rubber can look similar to leather with its soft, glossy finish. Rubber messenger bags also give off a stylish look when trimmed or embossed with more colors.

Internal Pockets

Some messenger bags feature internal pockets that are large enough to accommodate different items while others may have no pockets at all, making it difficult for wearers to carry stuff.

If you like to carry loads of accessories while you are on the move, ensure the messenger bag you invest in has tons to internal pockets so you can carry small items, such as keys, wallet, pens and pencils.

Strap Width

A narrow strap can cause great pain and discomfort, especially if your messenger bag is full to the brim with all kinds of items. It is thus important to consider the width of the messenger bag’s shoulder strap before investing in one. Padded, wide shoulder straps are a great option if you are looking for additional support for the back and shoulders.

Wider Strap On Messenger Bag

However, if you only intend to carry lightweight items, a narrow shoulder strap would suffice. The level of comfort offered by the shoulder strap typically depends on whether the strap has any padding or not. It is thus advised you do some research on the product before buying it.

Purpose And Use

Consider what you will be using the messenger bag for. If you spend a lot of time on the road and intend on using your messenger bag as a carry-on, consider investing in a messenger bag that is constructed using nylon or polyester for added durability.

Additionally, you would want some secured buckles and zippered pockets to ensure nothing falls out of your bag when you are riding your bike or hoping on a plane.

College students who intend on carrying plenty of heavy books must ensure the bag has a thick padded shoulder strap so they do not injure their shoulders and backs while carrying a heavy load.

On the other hand, if you are a parent and intend on using the messenger bag as a trusted diaper bag, ensure it is large and roomy enough to accommodate diapers, wipes, clothes and other important essentials.

Wear And Tear

Ensure the messenger bag is made using materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Canvas bags typically last longer than other materials, including leather despite its low price tag. If you plan on using your messenger bag extensively for carrying electronics or books, ensure it is made using sturdy materials so that the bag doesn’t wear down easily.

Leather Teared Messenger Bag

You should also inspect the overall thickness and quality of the bag to ensure it lasts a long time. Bags that feature double stitching are typically more durable. Avoid purchasing low quality products as they won’t last long.

Tips For Choosing And Using Messenger Bags

If you are still having trouble choosing the right messenger bag, here are a couple of tips you should follow to ensure you make the right investment:

  • Inspect the interior lining of the bag and ensure it is made using durable fabrics. If the lining is made using plastic, it is waterproof. Many manufacturers combine durability and water resistance by incorporating a plastic liner between the bag’s interior fabric liner and exterior. While this increases the weight of the bag, it enhances durability and useful life
  • Keep an eye out for finished hems and straight seams. These are all hallmarks of quality workmanship. Inspect these elements before selecting a bag. If you are shopping online, ensure you take a closer look at the product photographs for a better view
  • If you intend on using the bag for carrying food and drinks or a diaper bag, it will require occasional cleaning. Materials, such as canvas, nylon and rubber bags can easily be wiped and cleaned with a sponge as compared to a leather bag. However, a leather bag is more resistant to spills
  • Whether you plan on riding your bike or going on a long jog, adjustable straps are a must if you want to carry all your items securely. To avoid accidents, bicycle messengers recommend you pull the strap higher and thither while biking, which helps distribute the weight more evenly so you don’t lean on to one side. Additionally, adjusting the bag and carrying it higher on the back eases strain on the cyclist. Opt for a messenger bag is with a closure on the front flap to ensure all your items are secure in one place

Do you want to invest in the best messenger bag in the market?

Best Laptop Messenger Bag - Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

The Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag is among the top-rated laptop messenger bags on Amazon. The design is suited for both casual and professional use. Though slightly pricey, the messenger bag has many features that allow it to stand apart.

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag


The Command is a great messenger bag for folks who like to stay organized. The bag features an internal organizer for storing your phone, wallet, pens and other small items, making it a great business messenger bag. Some notable features of this messenger bag include:

  • Internal organizer for storing phones, pens and other small items
  • Removable cross body strap for improved stabilization
  • Includes a coordinating strap pad
  • Incorporates bag silencers to silence the bag in case you want to make a silent entry
  • Tricot-lined pockets to store your smartphone and sunglasses
  • Features aluminum hooks with webbing loops and tensioned elastic for a more secure fit
  • Includes easy fit adjustments with no excess webbing
  • Includes a luggage pass for attaching to your roller bag

The Command features a briefcase design that appears modern and trendy. This model has been designed to include additional safety features to offer more security when you are on the road. The bag also features an adjustable shoulder pad, making it possible for you to share the messenger bag with your loved ones.

Best Camera Messenger Bag - SLR Camera Bag, Evecase Large Canvas Messenger Bag

Made using an elegant gray fabric, the SLR Camera Bag, Evecase Large Canvas Messenger Bag is a sight to behold. Not only is the messenger bag large enough to hold all of your belongings but it also features an elegant vintage look that helps it stand apart from other canvas messenger bags in the market.

SLR Camera Bag, Evecase Large Canvas Messenger Bag


The bag can be converted for travel, work, school use, or commuting. The messenger bag features a thick protective insert to protect your electronic devices. This is a subtle camera bag that will blend in well with urban settings, city shoots and coffee shops. Here are a few notable features of this canvas messenger bag:

  • Features one large compartment with a sturdy camera insert to protect the camera body. Customers can remove the insert to store books and other supplies
  • Classic vintage camera messenger bag features a rain cover and a tripod strap
  • Spacious, heavy duty bag designed to carry all your important camera gear for travel and leisure use
  • Includes a removable padded camera insert that will protect your camera during long journeys
  • The package includes a laptop storage insert. This allows users to edit pictures as they capture them
  • Versatile multi-purpose design. Customers instantly convert the camera bag into an everyday messenger bag by removing the camera insert. Use it as a leisure or travel bag that will come in handy for all your adventures

The bag has a number of compartments for storing your lenses, accessories and camera. The camera messenger bag is constructed using a vintage canvas material. It also incorporates foam padding and cotton inserts to keep your camera and accessories safe.

Best Travel Messenger Bag - Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

The Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag from Travelon features slash-proof, adjustable, chain link construction to protect your personal belongings from thieves and pick-pockets. The popular travel messenger bag includes a roomy main compartment and an organizer along with locking zippers for additional security.

The bag also features a discreet carabineer that secures your bag and prevents thieves from grabbing it on the go. For additional storage, the bag includes zippered expansion pockets to hold the camera, glasses and water bottle.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag


To ensure that thieves are unable to steal valuables from inside your bag, the messenger bag features a Lobster Claw Strap. Afraid someone will try to steal your valuables when you are exploring touristy areas?

Some other notable features of the messenger bag include:

  • Large roomy compartment with plenty of pockets for organization
  • Zippered organizer with pen loops, wall pocket, LED light, card slot, and passport slots
  • Lobster claw clasp with an adjustable cable with a cut-proof shoulder strap

Well, fret not, because the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag has you covered. The ingenious lobster claw feature holds the zipper in place to ensure crooks are not able to snatch the valuables you store inside.

The bag also features interior pockets to protect your phone, passport and other valuable items that you would not want to lose on your journey. For added convenience, the outer pockets can easily be expanded to hold a small water bottle.

Best Tactical Messenger Bag - 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag

The 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag is a comfortable messenger bag that features a padded internal sleeve with over 20 organizing pockets. This messenger bag features a zippered and external Velcro closure that allows users to completely conceal their weapons without anybody knowing.

5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag


It also includes multiple attachment points and a web platform. The comfortable, well-padded shoulder strap makes it easy for customers to carry the bag around everywhere they go without any problems. The bag is not bulky unlike other designs in the market and is quite low-key despite its military inspired look.

  • 17-inch, padded laptop compartment
  • Non-slip shoulder strap design with duraflex hardware for added convenience
  • Constructed using 1050D water resistant nylon
  • Web platforms on the sides and on the front
  • Luggage handle attachment
  • Integrated back-up belt system
  • Compression straps that accept reflective tabs

You can also use this bag for airport use to carry your belongings. There aren’t any zippers to mess with. All you have to do it open the flap and pop in all the items. Unlike other tactical messenger bags in the market, this one is constructed using quality materials that won’t wear down.

The messenger bag also offers plenty of room so that you can conceal weapons without anybody knowing. You can easily customize the bag according to your requirements. Both ends of the messenger bag have been concealed. The fit expandable gusset allows you to store your water bottle without any problems.

Best Vintage Messenger Bag - KomalC Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

A vintage leather messenger bag will never go out of style. However, it is imperative that you only invest in the best quality leather. Fortunately, with the KomalC Leather Laptop Messenger Bag, you won’t be disappointed.

This messenger bag is constructed using buffalo hunter leather. It is considered among the highest quality leather available in the market. Despite being a vintage piece, you can easily fit modern day laptops inside the bag. It also features an external back zipper. Customers can also store personal belongings and other essential items for easy access.

KomalC 15 Inch Office Briefcase College Bag


The bag also features a handle holder similar to briefcases. The padded compartment guarantees safety for your laptop and other technological devices. The bag features a hidden snap closure with buckles for easy and convenient access whilst maintain the bag’s rustic look.

This messenger bag is lined with high quality canvas to ensure its durability. The rustic external zippers provide users a convenient option to store all their files and folders. Design by the talented Komal Chaudhari, the bag is all you will need for your everyday adventures. Some notable features of the bag include:

  • Constructed using the highest quality hunter buffalo leather
  • Handcrafted by artisans who are experts in the field and have been working with leather for years
  • Concealed strap for an additional rustic look for easy access along with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Includes two front pockets to carry small books, wallets, cellphones and other essential items
  • Padded compartment for storing your laptop and other technological devices
  • Perfect size for everyday use

If you want to invest in a high quality product, choose a messenger bag from the abovementioned list. Whether you are on the lookout for the best tech messenger bag or require something to carry your camera supplies, you won’t be disappointed with the large variety of products.

For more information, consider reading Amazon customer reviews to determine whether the product is worth investing in or not.


Hopefully, this handy guide had provided you all the information you need regarding selecting the best messenger bag. Good luck!

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