A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing A Messenger Bag

A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing A Messenger Bag

Over the past few years, messenger bags have become incredibly popular and not just among women. Several men and school-going boys now opt for messenger bags to reduce their load. However, choosing the right bag can be overwhelming at times since there are so many different styles available in the market.

Fortunately, this detailed guide will help you learn all there is to know about the messenger bag and which manufacturers you should opt for.

What Is A Messenger Bag

The term “messenger bag” was coined since these bags were once used by bicycle riders to transport items. These bags typically feature a shoulder strap so the bag can be slung across the body. The bag hangs down to your side, making it convenient for wearers to complete their day-to-day tasks.

Brown Vintage Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are typically rectangular and are large enough to carry magazines, envelopes or practically anything else a messenger might want to put inside a bag. The closure of the messenger bag typically features a front flap that can be closed using Velcro, bucklers, or any other kind of fastener. The messenger bag may also feature reflective strips or reflectors.

Brief History Of Messenger Bag

The old messenger bag has been around for decades. In fact, the style has been around for so long that it is difficult to trace its origin. In its simplest form, the one-strap bag can be conveniently slung across the shoulder.

Over the years, many similar bags and designs have been used by utility men to transport and deliver items. Whether you refer to it as a sling bag, satchel, a carryall or any other name of your choice, these bags have been carried by men from Roman legionnaires to electronic repairmen and army medics.

Messenger bags have also been used by letter carriers who once used to rider horses and now bicycles. While there is no account of the creators of vintage messenger bags, the modern version can be credited to the De Martini Globe Canvas Company.

The brand started manufacturing satchels specifically for telephone linemen back in the 1950s. The bag made it easier for men to access their tools while working high above the ground on a telephone pole.

What Makes Messenger Bags So Popular

These bags give off an effortless, hip look. Not only do they look incredibly trendy and casual all at once but they are also comfortable to carry, anywhere you go. All you have to do is put on your denim jacket, rock on a mean concert t-shirt and sling a messenger bag over your shoulder.

Pip-Boy Messenger Bag

These bags usually have enough space to hold all of your personal belongings while the large, straight surface is the perfect canvas for patches, buttons, pins and other kinds of embellishments. You can find different types of messenger bags and select the right one to suit your personal style.

Types Of Messenger Bags

Do you think you don’t have what it takes to pull off a hip messenger bag? Well, don’t fret. These bags are available in a variety of styles, which means you can conveniently find a style to suit your needs. Here are some top picks:

  • The Satchel - Satchels are quite popular and resemble briefcases. This type of bag typically features two vertical straps that are used as buckles to help close the bag. The bag is available in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. Most men prefer leather messenger bags to other options
  • Vertical Messenger Bag - As the name indicates, these messenger bags are longer than they are width and are available in a wide range of fabrics. Canvas and leather vertical messenger bags are a common favorite
  • Briefcase - Messenger briefcase bags are commonly made from leather. What sets the bag apart from other designs is its retro-schoolboy design. This type of bag almost always features a frontal flap along with a buckle strap, allowing wearers to fasten the bag shut
  • Military Bag - As the name indicates, these rugged, rough military bags are inspired by actual army items. Military bags are typically made using canvas but may also include leather elements. Military messenger bags have plenty of pockets and compartments so that wearers can discreetly store their belongings in an organized manner. Military-inspired backpacks also have plenty of pockets on the inside and outside as well. This type of design is better known for offering practicality and durability
  • Saddle Bag - Saddle bags look a lot like satchels. What sets this bag apart is its rounded shape. This new design was originally introduced to make it easier for horseback riders to carry messenger bags. However, the bag can also be used today because it looks cool
  • Multi-Pocket Organizer - If you are obsessed with organization tools, this type of bag is the perfect fit for you. The ingenious practical design was inspired by utility workers and was typically used by fishermen and hunters who would spend all their time outdoors. The outer large pocket makes it easier for wearers to organize and ensure all their belongings are within easy reach. This bag can also be quite useful for young dads who often out and about with their little ones
  • Camera Bag - An artist knows the importance of having all of their tools. Fortunately, a camera messenger bag is here to rescue you. Rest assured, you do not necessarily have to be a photographer to sport this bag. The camera bag features a large inside compartment on the front along with several other small pockets inside. These compartments have been specially designed to accommodate a number of transfer cables, batteries, lenses, flashlights and other accoutrements

Uses Of Messenger Bags

These stylish bags are equipped to carry just about anything and are available in number of different sizes and styles for easy access. As its name indicates, these bags were originally designed for couriers and messengers.

Leather Mail Bag On Table

Messenger bags are a great alternative to regular backpacks if you are looking for ways to change up your look. This versatile bag can come in handy in numerous situations. Here are a couple of ways you can use the famous messenger bag:

Mail Bag

You have probably seen your mailman rock the traditional messenger bag for years now. This bag can be used in a similar manner to organize your folders and documents in an efficient way. Classic leather messenger bags are a great option or else you can also opt for a black messenger bag.

Everyday Bag

If you are a college or high school student, you can definitely benefit from a stylish everyday messenger bag. Opt for a bag that has plenty of space for you to carry your notebooks, course books and stationery items.

The easy to access flap results in quick extraction and insertion. Not to mention, a messenger bag has plenty of small pockets, organizer and compartments, which ensures you have easy access to all of your stuff.

Laptop Bag

A messenger bag can be used as a trendy laptop bag, allowing you to carry your most treasured item without much fuss. Simply sling your messenger bag over your shoulder and you are ready to carry all your favorite technology tools.

Grey Laptop Bag

Be on the lookout for laptop bags with thick foam padding to protect your computer from getting damaged. Removable laptop sleeves are another feature to look out for in case you want additional protection for your laptop.

Diaper Bag

It may sound absurd but a small messenger bag can be a life-saver for parents, especially new dads who can’t seem to carry enough baby supplies.

You will find specially designed messenger bags for new parents that have additional storage compartments for carrying diapers, bottles, toys and the never-ending list of baby supplies. Messenger bags are a great alternative to traditional diaper bags and are also a more fashionable option.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Messenger Bag

Do you want to get your hands on the best messenger bag in the market? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you invest in a messenger bag:

Will I Be Carrying My Laptop

While all kinds of messenger bags are spacious enough to carry a laptop, you need to take special precautions if you intend on putting a laptop inside your bag. For instance, you will have to purchase a messenger bag with a special padded compartment that will protect your computer.

Carrying Laptop Bag

Additionally, you can also keep an eye out for bags with several pockets and compartments. This will make it easier for you to store computer accessories, such as your flash drive and power cord.

Colors And Patterns

It is important you invest in a messenger bag that depicts your personal taste and style. While bold colors and striking patterns can be a great way to express yourself, opt for a more conservative design if you are investing in a messenger bag for professional use.

Creative color designs are better suited for personal organization rather than for office-based tasks. Bold patterns and colors can be distracting in the workplace so ensure you have purchased a bag that is suitable for its intended use.

How Will I Be Using The Bag

If you are always out and about town, you will need a messenger bag that is lightweight and durable. Some people prefer investing in bags made from nylon and polyester because they are lightweight. If you travel a lot, you should buy a bag with plenty of secure buckles and zippered pockets so your belongings don’t fall out when you are travelling around.

On the other hand, if you are a busy parent and plan on using the messenger bag as a diaper bag, ensure it is large enough to accommodate all your baby’s supplies. Similarly, if you are a student and will be carrying plenty of heavy books, ensure the bag has a thick padded shoulder strap.

What Material Should I Choose

First time buyers are likely to be overwhelmed by the different materials to choose from. Messenger bags are made from polyester, leather, canvas and cotton. The sophisticated look of a leather bag is enough to attract businesspersons and office-goers.

Bussinesman Holding Messenger Bag

However, if you want to sport a casual look, you can opt for canvas or some other material. Some messenger bags may also have colorful patterns and designs on the flap to attract customers visually.

Consider The Weather

If it rains cats and dogs where you live, you might want to invest in a messenger bag capable of protecting your belongings from moisture. Most leather and polyester bags are designed to offer additional protection against these elements.

Is The Shoulder Strap Comfortable Enough

A shoulder strap is an absolute must when you are buying a messenger bag. Since the main purpose of this bag is to carry lots of things, you need a sturdy shoulder strap so you can easily support the bag on your shoulders without it being too heavy.

Ensure the strap isn’t too narrow or carrying the bag around can become a painful endeavor. Sure, you can keep switching the bag between shoulders but that can be inconvenient.

The level of comfort offered by the shoulder strap typically depends on whether the strap is padded or not. It is thus advised that you do some research on the product before buying. This is important as some customers complain the padding on messenger bags can be lumpy, which causes the bag more harm than good.

Being able to adjust the strap according to the wearer’s height and build is another important feature. This feature comes in especially handy if parents intend on sharing a diaper bag for their baby.

Top Manufacturers 

If you want to invest in the best products, you need to select from the best brands. Here are some of the top manufacturers of messenger bags. The list includes:

Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag


Timbuk2 is one of the most notable brands when it comes to designing comfortable yet sturdy messenger bags. The bags can easily be worn while riding a bike without any inconveniences. The brand pioneered the cross body bag and the messenger bag on the West Coast and has since managed to popularize it globally.

The brand has been manufacturing quality messenger bags for both men and women for over 25 years now. Timbuk2 bags are manufactured using the best durable fabrics, including Nylon, Cordura and weathered canvas. The messenger straps also include special durable double loop buckles for easy fit adjustment.


Founded in 2012, Evecas is a relatively new company that specializes in manufacturing protective cases and covers for portable devices, including smartphones, cameras, laptops and more. Despite being a new brand, the company has managed to harbor a reputation of producing high-quality products.

The brand manufactures highly versatile camera and laptop messenger bags that people can benefit from. The bags feature special padding so your technological devices do not withstand any damage on the way while you are travelling. Evecas is also known for offering exceptional customer care.


When it comes to purchasing the best messenger bag, you cannot go wrong by putting your trust in Travelon. The brand was founded almost 30 years ago and is known for manufacturing top of the line travel products and accessories that are popular across the globe.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

The brand also manufactures various anti-theft designs to guarantee the wearer’s safety while they are travelling across foreign lands. Each of their products are designed to make travelling easier and safer. Today, Travelon offers over 400 products that include quality messenger bags.


Chrome industries has been in the business for 20 years now and is known for manufacturing some of the best protective gear in the world. If you are in search of a messenger bag that offers durability and weather resistance, you will not be disappointed by Chrome messenger bags. The brand also produces special laptop bags.


If you are unable to find a messenger bag that offers quality whilst displaying an effortlessly cool look, consider investing in a Fossil messenger bag. The brand’s messenger bag has all the features you would want in a high-end bag.

Whether your commute involves taking the subway or hopping in your car, this messenger bag is comfortable to carry around everywhere you go. Wearers can easily stash all of their essential work items, including their laptop. A Fossil messenger bag will protect all the contents inside your bag.

Reasons To Purchase A Messenger Bag

Messenger bags are incredibly popular and for good reason. Here are a couple of benefits of investing in a messenger bag:

Holding Canvas Messenger Bag

Classic Formal Or Chic Look

Most guys know that when it comes to buying bags, they don’t have many options that are suitable for office use. If you don’t want to carry a traditional laptop bag, rest assured, a leather messenger bag can be perfect for all of your formal affairs.

Messenger bags are available in a variety of materials, which means you can conveniently find one to carry to your business meetings downtown. A messenger bag is a great option in terms of functionality and style. The bag is much bigger than a fanny pack and looks more formal than a traditional backpack.

On the other hand, a messenger bag is also a great option if you are trying to pull off an effortless chic look. Not to mention, the bag prevents you from looking like a dorky college kid and gives off a more stylish appearance.


When you are busy juggling tasks, you need quick access to your laptop, pen and notebook when you are on the run. A messenger bag has several compartments and small pockets that make it easier for wearers to carry all their belongings. Depending on your job, you can invest in a messenger bag that has a suitable number of pockets.

Storage For Tech Accessories

Most business professionals are always on the move with their smartphones, laptops and other tech accessories. Using a briefcase may not always be the best way to carry these accessories since the bag is likely to get too heavy for you to carry.

Cellphone In Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

Not to mention, a briefcase does not have soft padding to ensure all your belongings will remain secure inside without experiencing any damage. Additionally, other bags may not have enough space to accommodate multiple tech accessories, unlike a messenger bag.

Not only do messenger bags have plenty of room to accommodate most devices, some models also feature a special laptop sleeve. This makes it easier for you to transport the heaviest equipment with plenty of ease.

Bike Friendly

One of the best things about a messenger bag is you can conveniently carry it on your shoulders when riding your bike. Finding a bag that is suitable for this mode of transportation is not always easy and often causes a number of problems for commuters.

Fortunately, commuters can easily carry a messenger bag when riding a bike. Since the bag is big enough to fit all kinds of office equipment and personal belongings, you can also use it for professional settings.

The above are just a few important reasons you should invest in a messenger bag.


A messenger bag is a great alternative to traditional backpacks and handbags. Hopefully, this handy guide has provided all the information you need regarding investing in the best product.

Man With Messenger Bag Typing On Cellphone

Check out our buyer’s guide if you want to have a look at some of our top recommendations. Do take your time to explore your options and then decide on the messenger bag that you feel will best suit your needs. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!

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